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Round 8 - Richardson defeats Nullawil

tennisballThe two Donald sides were away this week swapping opponents and venues from last week with Avon traveling to Wycheproof and Richardson making the long trip to Nullawil. Richardson came away with an excellent win while Avon struggled both with form, and indeed filling a side.

At Wycheproof, the Avon top men's section struggled to make any sort of impact, picking up only six games from their three sets. The bottom men's section fared much better with Jordan Bath, Josh Potter and fill-in Ollie Grimshaw managing to win their games quite comfortably 8-6, 8-0, 8-3. In the end they nearly stole the section, going down by only three games. (30-33)

In the women's section, only Carmen Bath and Alex Downes could score a win in their set, while Wycheproof won the other five sets to comfortably win the section by 15 games (44-15)

In the mixed Jordan Bath won his third set, by combining with Dani Campbell to win 8-3. Fill-ins Ollie Grimshaw and Jessica McLennan also won their set 8-4. Unfortunately in the other four sets played, the Avon side could not get beyond 2 games. In the end it was a comfortable 17 game win to Wycheproof (39-17) and an overall win of 116 games to 81 games.

Menawhile up at Nullawil, Richardson was having a far more successful day.

While the top men's section could only win one one set from the four played, with Oleg Rachinsky and Fabian O'Shannessy winning their set 8-5. The bottom men's section of Caleb Geatches, Tobie Chapman and Rory O'Shannessy however won all their sets very comfortably 8-0, 8-1, 8-1, making Richardson easy winners in the section 46 games to 31.

The womens section was much closer, despite a similar pattern where the top women struggled to win their sets and the bottom women's section winning most of theirs. Rae Ackland and Carmel Lowry had a good 8-5 win in the top women's section, while Joyce Hollis and Jasmine Hollis won their set 8-3 in the bottom women's section. The rapidly improving Jasmine Hollis won her second set, combining with Laura Ackland to win 8-6. In the end though, the women's section just failed to get over the line, losing the section lost 42 to 46 games.

It was a even tussle in the mixed, where out of the seven sets played, Richardson managed to win three. Oleg Rachinsky and Leah Trollop won a tight tiebreaker, while Tobie Chapman won his third set of the day, combining with Jasmine Hollis (also a three set winner) to win 8-2. Rory O'Shannessy also completed a good day winning his third set when he and Laura Ackland defeated their opponents 8-6. In the end though Richardson lost the mixed by the narrowest of margins (42 games to Nullwil's 43).

Final scores were Richardson 6 points (131 games) defeated Nullawil 4 points (120 games)

This week the two Donald teams meet each other on Friday night. Avon were the winners last time, so the in-form Richardson will be keen to exact some revenge. Expect the tennis to be tough and uncompromising as each team attempts to gain the edge for second half of the season in the New Year.


Round 7 - Tennis finally resumes

tennisballAfter Round 5 and Round 6 were washed out, those tennis players not involved in harvest were keen to get out on the tennis courts after three weeks. The two Donald tennis teams Avon and Richardson hosted Nullawil and Wycheproof respectively.

With both home teams severely restricted by several missing players due to harvest it was always going to be an uphill battle to take home some premiership points.

Richardson fought bravely but was no match for Wycheproof. Wycheproof won the men's section 42 games to 26 with Tony Goode and Rob O'Shannessy winning their set 8-3 in the top mens section, while Tobie Chapman and Rory O'Shannessy won their set in a tiebreaker.

The women's section was a close tussle with Wycheproof finally taking the section by the narrow margin of three games. 36-33. While the top women's section didn't mamange to win a set, the bottom woen's section of Joyce Hollis, granddaughter Jasmine Hollis and Carmel Lowry won all three of their sets.

In the mixed Rchardson mamanged to win three of their six sets, but unfortunately their three losing sets were all significant losses ending in a section victory 42-27 to Wycheproof. Final score was Wycheproof 10 points (120 games) to Richardson 0 points(86 games)

Joyce Hollis and Carmel Lowry were three set winners for Richardson

In the other game a depleted Avon took on one of the ladder leaders in Nullawil. The men's section was a one sided affair with only Tony Cashin andTom Gillahan managing to win their set, although Stuart Potter and Tony Cashin came lose losing a tiebreaker 7-8, as did Jordan Bath and Josh Potter Final score in the section was Nullawil 42 games to Avon 30 games.

In the women's section, some oen sided matches in favour of Nullawil gave the visitors a very comfortable 42-17 games win, although Belinda Murray and Alex Downes salvaged some pride by winning their set 8-2.

In the mixed, Nullawil won all six sets, with father-daughter combination Tony and Meg Cashin, playing together for the first time in senior competition tennis came closest only going down in a keenly fought tiebreaker. Finals core in the mixed was Nullawil 48 games to Avon's 24 games.

Final overall score was Nullwil 10 points (132 games) confortabe winners over Avon 0 points(71 games)

This weekend, Avon and Richardson swap opponents and venues with Avon traveling to Wycheproof and Richardson making the long trip to Nullawil. Those travelling to Nullawil are asked to meet at the Post Office at 11.45 am and those travelling to Wycheproof are asked to meet at the Post Officet at 12.15 pm.

And as always all results, ladders and other news can be found on the tennis club website at

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Round 4 - Birchip and Charlton easy winners

tennisballIn sunny conditions, the Donald teams Avon and Richardson clashed with Birchip and Charlton in Round 4 of the NCTA season, with both Donald sides hoping to notch their first wins of the season.

Avon took on Birchip in the first match with Birchip quickly taking the ascendancy. Brad Bath and Stuart Potter led early in their match against Colin Kemp and Ian Smith taking advantage of their opponents early rustiness. However as conditions warmed, so did Colin and Ian's game, coming back from a 2-6 deficit to win 8-6. Brad Bath combined with Steve Harmer in the second set but went down 4-8 against Colin and an agile and determined Gavin McRae, who was able to keep the ball in play from seemingly impossible positions. There was a similar score in the third set when Ian and Gavin defeated Steve and Stuart 8-4.

In the bottom men's section it was clean sweep by Birchip who won all three sets, although Jordan Bath and Josh Potter put up very solid resistance to lose only in a tiebreaker against Warwick McClelland and Jake Gleeson. Final score in the men's section was Birchip 2 points (48 games) to Avon 0 points (27 games)

The women's section was similar to the men's with Birchip winning all six sets. Carmen Bath in partnership with first year players Dani Campell and then Kailey Hose kept their opponents Belinda Randall, Jo Connelly and Jenny Goldsmith on their toes, losing both sets 6-8. Eileen Smith, Fiona Best and J. Coffey were convincing winners in two of the three sets defeating Belinda Murray, Jessica Campbell, (who played in the senior's top section for the first time) and Alex Downes 8-5, 8-1, 8-1. Final score in the womens section was Birchip 2 points (48 games) to Avon 0 games (21 points)

With Avon 38 games down at the beginning of the mixed, it was going to take some very big wins in at least half of the remaining six sets for Avon to salvage something from the day. There were celebrations all around, when Alex Downes and Tom Gillahan won Avon's first (and as it turned out only) set for the day, when they defeated Warwick McClelland and Belinda Randall, 8-6. Jordan Bath and Dani Campbell managed to get six games, while Carmen Bath and Stuart Potter managed to win 5 games against Ian and Eileen Smith.

All in all it was a great effort by Birchip to score such a convincing victory. Final scores were Birchip 10 points (142 games) defeated Avon (78 games). Congratulations to all the three set winners for Birchip.

In the other match where Richardson took on Charlton, the final result was closer with Charlton winning the day 8 points (126 games) to Richardson 2 points (107 games). Derek Hollis led the way finally returning to the winner's circle, after a slow start to the season, winning both his men's sets in conjunction with Graeme Cocking and Tony Goode. Tim Vandeveen, making his debut for the club in partnership with Jeremy Goode, probably had a match they would prefer to forget when they were well-beaten by veterans John Harley and Brian Heenan. While the honours amongst the top men were evenly split, the bottom men's section was dominated by Charlton winning 8-2, 8-1, 8-2. Final score in the men's section was Charlton 2 points (50 games) defeated Richardson 0 points (25 games).

In the women's section, Rae Ackland and Anne Campbell led the way winning both their sets. The top women's section won three out of their four sets and they were ably supported by Carmel Lowry, Laura Ackland and Jasmine Hollis in the bottom women's section, winning two out of their three sets to give the Richardson women 2 points. (50 games to Charlton's 29 games)

With only four games the difference, the match was definitely still up for grabs. Richardson started off very well winning three out of their four sets in the top section. However some bad losses in the bottom section, saw that lead steadily eroded away throughout the course of the afternoon. A fifteen game win in the mixed to Charlton, saw them not only take the 2 points in the mixed section, but also the 4 points for winning the day.

Three set winners for Richardson were Derek Hollis (no doubt pleased with a return to form after a couple of surprising losses early in the season), Anne Campbell and Rae Ackland.

The Teams Tournament will be held in Donald this Saturday 19th November commencing at 1 p.m. so players to arrive at 12.45 pm please. There are 6 men and women per team. Each team is to provide one tin of tennis balls per team and every one to bring a small plate of afternoon tea.

Once again keep an eye on the Donald Tennis Club website at for the latest news and of course all reports and results, as well as the NCTA ladder. For those interested Twilight Social Tennis at Donald will begin next Thursday evening, (24th November) and run for four weeks. Prospective players of any level of ability may enter as a team of four or individually.

Individual entrants will be placed in a team.

BBQ tea will available each night. Bar will be open.

Cost: $28 insurance per player (Lawn Tennis non-members only) plus $3 per night per player.

Insurance fee for non-Tennis Club members covers all Donald Tennis (including social outdoor and indoor tennis) until October 31st 2012. This means you are a member of Tennis Victoria and fully covered in terms of accidental injury.

Two sets (to 8 games) per person per night.

Enter teams and names at Hardingham's Electrical by Tuesday 22nd November.

For further information contact Stuart Potter on 54 971 362

All welcome!

Further Details of the Twilight Tennis competition are available both on the website and in the Buloke Times. Rumour has it the Donald Croquet Club will also be conducting a Twilight Croquet tournament on the same nights! Get along and have a look, if not playing tennis.

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Round 3 - Narrow loss by Avon to Kara Kara

tennisballIn the first burst of warm weather for the season, the two Donald teams travelled to St Arnaud to attempt to exact some retribution and win back some town pride, after the two St. Arnaud teams had convincing wins the previous week.

Avon took on Kara Kara and got away to a good start when the top men's bracket of Gary Young, Brad Bath and Stuart Potter won all three of their sets 8-3, 8-3 and 8-4. In the lower men's section Jordan Bath was in good form winning both his sets partnering Steve Harmer and Tom Gillahan. Avon ended up winning five of the six sets played and won the section convincingly 42 games to 26 games.

In the women's section, Kara Kara managed to wrest back the lead when they in turn reversed the men's results and won five of the six sets played. Belinda Murray and the acrobatic Jodie Hollis were the only set winners in the section. Encouraged by her win in the first set Jodie was clearly determined to add to her winning tally, desperately throwing herself around the court in her second set, much to the amazement of the crowd. Kara Kara took a seven game lead into the mixed with their women winning the section 47 games to Avon's 24.

In the mixed, Avon was desperate to make up the seven games they were in arrears. Gary Young and Belinda Murray fought out a tiebreaker, but unfortunately were on the losing end, while Steve Harmer and Alex Downes won their set 8-5. Jordan Bath finished off a good day when he won his third set for the day (the only Avon player to do so) in combination with Dani Campbell. Unfortunately with losses in the remaining three sets, Kara Kara narrowly own the section by 5 games and consquently the day by 12 games (115 games to 103 games).

In the other game Richardson took on St Arnaud. The men got off to a poor start for their team only managing to win two of their eight sets, with good wins to Tony Goode and Tobie Chapman 8-2 in the bottom men's section as well as Jeremy Goode and Richard Reilly 8-5 in the top men. St Arnaud won the section reasonably convinclngly by 14 games (55 - 41). The women's section was closer, managing to win three of their eight sets with good wins to newcomers Jess Wyatt and Carling McEvoy 8-3 and Laura Ackland / Eliza Goode 8-6. Carling also managed to win her second set combining with Stacey Hibberd to win 8-6. 6 games was all that separated the two sides at the end, with the St Arnaud women taking the 2 points by winning 55 games to 49 games.

Derek Hollis started well to begin to wind back the 20 game deficit, by combining with Jess Wyatt to win their set 8-6, while Richard Reilly and Rae Ackland also won their mixed set with an identical score to the first. However the faint glimmer of hope that the other 16 games needed could be over-hauled faded very quickly when Richardson did not win another set for the day. Tony Goode and Carmel Lowry tried valiantly in going down 6-8, but a couple of 8-1 losses to Richardson put the final result beyond all doubt.

Final scores: St Arnaud 10 points (170 games) defeated Richardson 0 points (125 games)

Round 4 this weekend (Sat. 12th Nov) sees both Donald teams at home with Avon playing Birchip and Richardson taking on Charlton. Please be at the Donald courts at 1 pm for a 1.15 start. Also afternoon tea please.

As for most of the home games this season, there will be a BBQ tea at the conclusion of play on Saturday. All players, supporters and familiesare most welcome.

Keep an eye on the Donald Tennis Club website at for the latest news and of course all reports and results, as well as the NCTA ladder. For those interested in Thursday night Twilight Tennis, the next competition will start on Thursday evening 24th November and run for four weeks. Either enter as a team of four or individually.

Full details of the Twilight Tennis competition will be available both on our website and in the Buloke Times early next week.

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Round 2 - Both Donald sides lose to St Arnaud teams

tennisballBoth Donald teams were at home for the second week in a row when they hosted the two St Arnaud sides, this time on Saturday afternoon. With both Avon and Richardson missing senior players for various reasons, it was always going to be difficult for both teams to take the points. Thanks must go to quite a few junior players, such as Meg Cashin, Brent Hogan and Aidan Goode who were able to step up and fill vacancies, as well as play some good tennis at this level.

Avon took on St Arnaud in the first of the matches. Gary Young and Brad Bath were able to gain an early ascendancy, when they won their first set 8-6. Unfortunately they were the only men's pair to win a set as St Arnaud dominated the remainder of the section winning all of the six remaining sets. The final score in the men's section was St Arnaud 54 games doubling Avon's 27 games.

The Avon women were the mainstays of the team last week and so it proved again. Anne Campbell, Anne-Maree Wright, Carmen Bath and Jenny Guild all had comfortable wins in their sets 8-2, 8-4, 8-1, 8-4 and while the bottom women's section didn't fare as well, unfortunately losing all their sets, it was still enough for the women to win the section 43 games to 35 games.

With a deficit of 20 games at the beginning of the mixed section, matters were looking bleak for Avon. Garry Young and Anne Campbell and husband and wife duo Brad and Carmen Bath were able to narrow the gap to 10 games, but unfortunately with only Jordan Bath and Dani Campbell, the only other set winners (8-4), St Arnaud were able to win the section 42 games to 36 games and subsquently take out the day.

Final scores were St Arnaud 8 points (131 games) defeated Avon 2 points (106 games)

In the other match, the Richardson team hosted Kara Kara. Derek Hollis and Tony Goode made a good start wining their set 8-4, while Jeremy Goode and Trent Grant also won a close set in a tie breaker. Trent Grant played his second tie breaker in a row for his second set, but this time was on the losing end. In the bottom men's section Tobie Chapman and Rory O'Shannessy had a good 8-3 win, but a couple of big losses (1-8 and 2-8) saw the Richardson men with 37 games struggle to match Kara Kara's tally of 46 games.

Some very one sided matches in the women's section for both sides saw the initial stages of the women's section remain quite even. Rae Ackland won both her sets, the first one well and the second narrowly in a tiebreaker. Aidan Goode and Jasmine Hollis won another tie-breaker, however a couple of late one sided matches which went against the home team, saw a blow-out with Kara Kara winning the section 48 games to 29 games.

Derek Hollis and Stacey Hibberd played well to get the mixed off to a bright start for Richardson, as Tony Goode and Rae Ackland. However they were the only winners in the section, as the Avon team faded late to lose the section 34 games to 49 games.

Final scores were Kara Kara 10 points (100 games) defeated Richardson 0 points (143 games)

Three set winners for Avon were Anne Campbell and Carmen Bath while for Richardson Rae Ackland was the only three set winner.

This weekend sees a reversal of the venue and matchups with the Donald teams to travel to the St Arnaud Lawn Courts where Avon will take on Kara Kara and Richardson will take on St Arnaud. Players are asked to meet at the Donald Post Office at 12.20 pm on Saturday to arrange transport. If you are unable to play, please contact teams captains Carmen Bath (Avon) and Derek Hollis (Richardson) as soon as possible.

Keep an eye on the Donald Tennis Club website at for the latest news and of course all reports and results, as well as the NCTA ladder. For those interested in Thursday night Twilight Tennis, details of our next competition will be available both on the website and in the Buloke Times very soon.

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Avon defeat Richardson in Round 1

tennisballPlayed on Friday night, the clash between the two Donald sides to open the 2011-2012 season was a highly anticipated affair, with both sides eager to claim bragging rights for the first half of the season. With anticipated wet weather on the Saturday and the unavailability of some players for Saturday the decision was made mid-week to take advantage of day-light saving and play on Friday evening.

The friendly sledging began early and both teams when they took the court were determined to iron out the rusty shots early on. The top men's section for Avon struggled to make much of an impact against Richardson's top men, although Brad Bath and Stuart Potter had a come from behind victory over Derek Hollis and Richard Reilly coming from 2-5 down to finally win 8-6. Indeed it was a capitulation that no one saw coming early on, with Derek and Richard both playing some stunning shots, particularly at the net early on. However both Brad and Stuart, in conjunction with Steve Harmer couldn't repeat their first set heroics, losing both their second sets to the Derek Hollis/Richard Reilly/Tony Goode combination.

In the lower men, Tom Gillahan was playing well and together with partners Jordan Bath and Andrew Falla had convincing wins over Jeremy Goode, Tobie Chapman and Caleb Geatches. Tobie and Caleb did manage to restore some pride in their second set defeating Andrew and Jordan 8-2. However the lower Avon's men efforts weren't quite enough to take out the section, with Richardson winning the section 34 games to 32 and taking the first two points of the season.

The Avon women meanwhile were salvaging the night for their team. Carmen Bath, Belinda Murray and Alex Downes won their three sets quite convincingly 8-1, 8-3, 8-0 over Stacey Hibberd, Karyn Goode and Georgia Bird. In the bottom women's section, Richardson's Jodie Hollis playing with daughter Jasmine Hollis lost a narrow tie-break to Dani Campbell and fill-in Josh Potter 7-8. However both Jodie and Jasmine struck back in their second sets, combining with Eliza Goode to win 8-3, 8-3 over Dani, Josh and Katie Gillahan. It was the Avon side which managed to pick up the two points winning the women's section 38 games to 27, to take an overall nine game lead.

In the mixed section, the top section for Avon managed to win a close contest 8-6, 8-7, 8-6, while Richardson managed to win two sets out of three in the bottom mixed. At the end it was 41 games each in the mixed, giving both sides one point each.

Final results: Avon 7 points (101 games) defeated Richardson 3 points (92 games)

Three set winners for the night were Carmen Bath, Belinda Murray and Alex Downes..... all for Avon.

This Saturday both Donald teams are home to St. Arnaud and Kara Kara. Please be at the Donald courts at 1 pm for a 1.15 start. Afternoon tea please.

There will be a BBQ tea at the conclusion of play on Saturday. All players, supporters and families welcome.

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