2016-2017 NCLTA Fixture (amended)

Home teams listed first. Winning teams in bold.
Draw can be downloaded from the link to the right.

ALL matches start at 1.15 pm
Please be at courts by 1.00 pm.

Round 1    15th October 
Kara Kara  v St Arnaud  
Nullawil  v Wycheproof                  
Charlton Show           

Round 1&2   22nd October
Richardson  v  Avon
Wycheproof v Charlton                  
Birchip v  Nullawil
St Arnaud Races
Round 2   29th October  
Richardson  v  Kara Kara               
Avon  v  St Arnaud
Charlton v Birchip (Wyche) 
Wycheproof Races

Round 3    5th November
Wycheproof v Birchip
Charlton  v  Nullawil       
Kara Kara  v  Avon            
St Arnaud  v   Richardson 

Round 4     12th November
Avon   v   Wycheproof
Richardson  v  Charlton                  
St Arnaud  v  Nullawil     
Kara Kara  v  Birchip        

Round 5     19th November
Charlton  v  Avon               
Wycheproof v Richardson
Birchip v  St Arnaud 
Nullawil  v  Kara Kara

Round 6     26th November
Kara Kara  v  Charlton   
St Arnaud  v  Wycheproof
Richardson  v  Birchip
Avon  v  Nullawil                                          

3rd December

Round 7      10th December
Wycheproof v Kara Kara
Charlton  v  St Arnaud
Nullawil  v  Richardson 
Birchip v  Avon 

Round 8      17th December
Wycheproof v  Nullawil                  
Birchip v  Charlton           
St Arnaud  v  Kara Kara 
Avon  v  Richardson
Holiday Break
24 Dec 2016, 31 Dec 2016, 7 Jan 2017, & 14th Jan 2017

Round 9     21st January
Kara Kara  v Wycheproof
St Arnaud  v  Charlton    
Richardson  v  Nullawil 
Avon  v  Birchip

28th – 30th January 2017
Charlton Tournament

Round 10     4th February
Nullawil v Birchip
Charlton v Wycheproof                  
St Arnaud v Avon
Kara Kara v Richardson
Round 11     11th February
Birchip  v  Wycheproof
Nullawil  v  Charlton       
Avon  v  Kara Kara            
Richardson  v  St Arnaud 

Round 12   18th February
Wycheproof v  Avon        
Charlton  v  Richardson                  
Nullawil  v  St Arnaud
Birchip v  Kara Kara
Round 13     25th February
Richardson v  Wycheproof
Avon  v  Charlton               
St Arnaud    v  Birchip
Kara Kara  v  Nullawil

Round 14     4th March
Charlton  v  Kara Kara   
Wycheproof v  St Arnaud  Birchip v  Richardson
Nullawil  v  Avon

11th-13th March 2017     
Labour Day Tournaments
at Donald & Wycheproof

18th March 2017
Semi Finals

25th March 2017
Grand Final
15th – 17th April 2017
Easter Tournament
at St Arnaud

(T1 School Holidays end)